United Cerebral Palsy-Center for Disability Services prepares clients for employment

JOLIET – Clients of the United Cerebral Palsy-Center for Disability Services (UCP-CDS) in Joliet receive a wide variety of specialized training. One program is job training which allows clients to perform specific duties to earn a paycheck.

“This program helps our clients take pride in the facility and earn their own money,” said Cassandra Farley, director of adult services. “We require our clients research a particular job they are interested in, prepare a resume, and go through a job interview.”

Amy, a client of UCP-CDS for nearly three years, recently went through this process to get a job with the Germbusters janitorial crew. With the assistance of staff, Amy prepared a resume and interviewed with Yurvette Simmons, manager of the janitorial crew.

“Amy did very well in her interview,” Simmons said. “I explained the job responsibilities and she assured me she understood and was willing to work. This program gives our clients a sense of pride and purpose.”

In addition to Germbusters, job opportunities are available in the center’s maintenance department and office. Farley said the agency also looks to partner with local companies for any types of job outsourcing the clients can complete, such as large mailings or basic assembly projects.

“It is important for our clients to be able to have a job and earn their own money,” Farley said. “This is a significant part of our programs, developing skills and self-confidence in our clients.”

For more information about partnering with UCP-CDS, contact Farley at (815) 744-3500 ext. 202 or email: cassandraf@ucp-cds.org.

Cutline: Photo 1 Yurvette and Amy: Yurvette Simmons, manager of the Germbusters janitorial crew at UCP-CDS, interviews Amy, a client of the Adults Services program, for a job with the crew.

Photo 2: Sue and Amy: Sue Fowler, human resources director at UCP-CDS, helps Amy, a client in the Adult Services program, complete an application for employment with Germbusters, a janitorial crew at the center. (Photos courtesy of UCP-CDS.)

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