2024 Great Chef's Tasting Party & Auction

2024 Chef Tasting - Restaurant Entry Form

Chef Station Information

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Please send a high-resolution logo to be included in the program to Gina Wysocki at ginaw@ucp-cds.org no later than Friday, December 1, 2023.

Key Contact Name(Required)
Chef Name(Required)
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Requirements: Please prepare 450-500 appetizer-sized portions. Food will be served for three hours.
* The product can either be fully prepared and ready to serve before arriving at the event, or it can be finished on the floor as long as flames and smoke are kept to a minimum.

Equipment and Service Provided: one 8ft table for serving and one 8ft table for prep work. Linens for each will also be provided. BBGC will provide limited cooler and warmer space. Please make sure that all food items are at the correct temperature, properly wrapped, and marked (including property name).

* We will also have volunteer JJC Culinary Arts students to assist with load-in and setup.

Plastic Tableware needs (check all that apply):(Required)

What’s NOT provided: chafers, canned heat, sanitation solution, large serving bowls, serving platters, serving utensils, hot box, extension cords, and heat lamps.

If you have questions or concerns regarding equipment, please contact Chef Fred

Electrical Needs: click plus symbol to add more items
Please provide a summary of the equipment you will be bringing and each appliance’s electrical specifications. If no electricity is needed, please complete the chart with N/A placeholders.
Adding up the total amperage of the equipment list above.

Chef Ferrara will provide detailed event logistics and load-in information for the day of the event. We are honored to have your support and participation! If you have questions or concerns regarding equipment, do not hesitate to contact Chef Fred

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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